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Žirovnica municipality abounds in walking, hiking, cycling, mountain biking and riding trails, thus offering a multitude of options for recreation.

Žirovnica – the cradle of great Slovenian literati

Žirovnica lies in the green valley below the Karavanke mountain range. The richness of its literary, beekeeping and archaeological heritage mean that the villages below Mount Stol are known as the “cradle of Slovenian culture and beekeeping”, and this region is well known for its hospitality and the beauty of its landscape.

The green valley of Završnica, where the Završnica Recreational Park is landscaped by the lake, is a popular starting point for hiking in the nearby mountains and visiting mountain huts.

Valvasorjev Dom, a very popular hut among local mountaineers, is the most common starting point for the ascent of Stol (2,236 m), the highest peak in the Karavanke range, and the starting point for visiting Ajdna, an ancient archaeological site.