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Kobarid is a historic town in Soča Valley beneath the picturesque Krn mountain range (2244 m), where the tough and bloody battles at the Isonzo Front raged. 

Soča Valley – the world of active experiences, history and top gastronomy

The Soča Valley, which links the towns of Bovec, Kobarid and Tolmin, offers visitors a rich blend of active, cultural and historical experiences in a stunning natural setting. The valley’s main attraction is the emerald-green Soča, one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe.

Soča Valley is not only for nature lovers: it is famous across Slovenia and beyond as an important centre for outdoor activities. The valley offers countless opportunities for sports and recreation: water sports (kayaking, rafting, canyoning), fishing, hiking, cycling, zip-line, parachuting and paragliding, flying, climbing; and in winter, family skiing, cross-country skiing, tobogganing and snow-shoeing.

Visitors can combine active adventures with discovering the cultural heritage that still lives in the Alpine pastures, on old farms, in traditional events and in the local gastronomy.

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