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Bohinj is a perfectly preserved jewel where modern visitors always find their own good side and a sense of inner peace that reflects the nature around them.

Bohinj – the wild beauty of nature in the heart of the Triglav National Park

People have always got up early in Bohinj, setting off into the mountains when it is still dark and driving away tiredness with the help of the marvellous views. Once upon a time, this was a question of survival. Today it is a matter of pleasures that only lovers of the mountains will understand. Water sports, paragliding, horseback riding, hiking in the valley and conquering peaks… Spending your precious days surrounded by beauty. All this fills your holiday with a special sense of tranquillity when the silence of an evening below millions of stars and a feeling of inner peace bid you goodnight.

In spring you can enjoy meadows bursting with wildflowers and try dishes made with wild plants; in summer you can visit the high pastures or bathe in a crystal-clear lake; in autumn you can dance with the locals and feast on žganci and local Bohinj cheese. In winter the landscape is covered by a white blanket of snow and offers countless opportunities for winter pleasures.

The people of this area invite you to spend your holiday actively and without a car. Numerous sustainable mobility options are available in the Bohinj area, to help preserve and protect this pure environment.

If you need a place to stay, see the Julian Alps Accommodation Searcher. Direct bookings are one of the best ways to help the local community grow while paying the same or even less than via big booking platforms. Also, make sure this area stays amazing and use all the responsible travel options offered by local providers. Every action matters. And we need to step up the responsible living paradigm on every possible level if we want to protect our future.